Spacestor Hotlocker

Smarter lockers for a more intelligent workplace

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Smarter lockers for a more
intelligent workplace...

Today the workforce is more mobile than ever and the trend towards shared workspaces means that valuable staff need a superior personal storage solution.

A chic, flexible, highly secure locker system that enhances the environment it resides in. A premier solution for forward thinking companies. The modular construction tried and tested in the UK means that future additions, adaptions and reconfigurations are quick, easy and low in cost.


Add, adapt, exchange with HotLocker.

Modular sizes and a standard grid system makes HotLocker future-proof. Stocked components can be swapped or added - normally by the end user. Thriving businesses are changing all the time - HotLocker changes with you. Convert lockers to bulk storage or display units by simply swapping doors and internals, and then change back again anytime.

A choice of mechanical and electronic locking options to cover all levels of security and administration control are available.

HotLocker HotLocker.
The original personal storage system

Mechanical options are simple, effective and low in cost. Key, combination lock, padlock hasp, coin operated - choose the option that best suits your application.

HotLocker Agile HotLocker Agile.
Advanced security storage system

Electronic options allow for true dynamic, adminfree locker assignment and full security control with an audit trail. No locker freeing, no replacement keys, and no manual record keeping.

HotLocker Agile is an advanced locker system. You won't find a more intelligent and dynamic locker system anywhere else.

HotLocker Agile combines ultra contemporary technology with practicality and prestige, making it a smart investment for industry leaders.

>   Save on administration costs with easy self-service systems
>   Quick and simple management
>   Re-programmable cards means no expensive lock replacements when keys are lost or stolen
>   Mains powered system so no expensive batteries needed
>   Dynamic use of lockers lowers investment costs and required floor space
>   Reduced administration time arranging locker allocation and key replacements

Agile Features
Agile Features
Agile Features
Agile Features

HotLocker Agile for forward-thinking companies

Our electronic locker system enables you to save space and money by having up to 50% fewer lockers. Providing a permanent locker for every employee is expensive and requires a lot of space. HotLocker Agile allows you to allocate lockers dynamically.

Half of the UK’s workforce is mobile.
Dynamic locker management enables maximum efficiency. Claimed short-term lockers can be voided at a fixed time. A central terminal can be voided at a fixed time. A central terminal can be consulted in case someone forgets their locker number or cannot find an available locker.

Standard Locker vs HotLocker Agile
Standard Locker      vs      HotLocker Agile

HotLocker Agile features for intelligent storage

Card controlled -
no keys required
One card, multiple uses - for a streamlined system and fewer items to carry.

Red/green LED
availability system
Simple LED lights let you know at a glance which lockers are available, for quick and hassle-free usability.

Integration with
existing access control
Minimal administration and no need to replace locks, saving money, time and resources.

Dynamic or fixed locker
Digital assignment with pre-programmable options.

Wired locks No changing of batteries, and a constant updated overview of the status of all your lockers for easy management and extra security.

Tamper-proof alarm Immediate alarm in case of misuse - triggers security camera and sends a notification to your mobile.

Fully complementary
to Spacestor systems
Future-proof system that can grow with your clients' needs, making HotLocker Agile scalable and easily extendable.

Using HotLocker Agile couldn't be easier

Step one Find an available locker by looking for the green LED light.

Step 1

Step two Touch card against locker to claim it in the system.

Step 2

Step three Deposit your items into the locker and close the door.

Step 3

Step four Touch card against the locker to lock (LED turns red).

Step 4
Step 8

Step eight Shut the door. The locker stays available for another user.

Step 7

Step seven Remove your items - make sure the locker is empty.

Step 6

Step six Touch card against locker to unlock (LED turns green).

Step 5

Step five Forget your locker number? Use terminal to relocate.

Make the smart choice.

To find out more about HotLocker:

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